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Rantasalmi Golf
Nine route golf course situated in variable landscape by the lake. Golf course is open daily from May to October. There is also golf range where practice your swing. Restaurang and bar services available. Golf Pro-Shop.

Organic golf
First organically runned golf course in hole Skandinavia! Sheeps is the secret of this natural golf course. Try something else in picturesque countryside of Finland. Green card is not essential in this course. Restaurang Paimenpoika is serving delis from the organic sheep farm.

At winter season try snow golf! Golf balls are pink and routes are tamped on the fields.


Linnansaari Palvelu
Guide speaks english and excellent germany
All kind of fishing trips for professional fishers to all family fishing events. Fishing is from the boat not from shore. Different size of boats for different size of groups, mainly 4 – 6 persons. Available also traditional fishing with nets. Winter time ice fishing trips. Advance reservation is needed.
Catch: pike, pearch, zander, lake trout, whitefish, bream, roach, burbot

SaimaaHoliday Oravi
Good and modern fishing boats and fishing equipments. Trained guides who speak very good english. Exlusive fishing trips available. Advance reservation is needed.


Vesa Nissinen
Cruises with modern and high quality cruiser up for 12 persons. Toilet, kitchen and shower in the boat. All kind of cruises in Rantasalmi, Savonlinna and Varkaus area. Very good choise for opera guests for boat transportation to the opera and back. Advance reservation is needed.

Boat taksi Daisy
Sightseeng cruises, opera transportations and transportations to other destinations on your choise. Boat is made for 12 persons. Advance reservation is needed.

Jari Heiskanen
Seal sightseeings, all cruises in National Park Linnansari area, boat transportations at Rantasalmi, Savonlinna and Varkaus area. Two boats, both with 12 passengers. Summer time non stop cruises available. Home harbous Lomakylä Järvisydän pier, street address Porosalmentie 313, Rantasalmi

SaimaaHoliday Oravi
Sighteeings, seal trips, transportation to National Park Linnansaari. Time scheluded transportation to the National Park available June – August from Rantasalmi and Oravi. See time table here (link). Taxi boat service available at summer time.


Rantasalmi area is very good for paddling. Almoust half of the county area is fresh water! Also National Park Linnansaari, which is big lakea area National Park, situated in Rantasalmi. We do not have exact paddling routes, because paddling is allowed almout every where. There are several small camping sites along lake area for picnic and for over sleeping with a tent or a lodge shelter. They are free to use for every body (see map link below). Best way to palnning your paddling trip is to contact our canoe rental services. See contact informations below.



Paddling is allowed in hole area, but there are lots of island and islets which you have to avoid when birds are nesting. This information about prohibition areas and time period you find in National Park Guide Center or in internet

Canoe and kajak renting, guided paddling trips, area maps, local nature expert. Rental service is in the center of Rantasalmi.

Lomakeskus Järvisydän and Saimaa Holiday Oravi
Guided paddling trips, canoe and kajak renting. Renting service in Rantasalmi, Oravi and in Linnasaari camping site


Horse back riding with Islandic Horses are available all year round  for beginners and advanced riders. All riding events are in the nature. Riding trips startinf for 1,5 hour trips to 2 days over night wanderings. Near by Lomakylä Järvisydän Holiday area where are accommodation and restaurang services available. Advanced  reservation is needed.


Korhola Holiday
Want to have fun with your group? Come and try to compete your friends in paintball match. Advanced palyers can rent the equipments for their own use. Catering services and accommodations available. Advence reservation is needed.


Rantasalmi Sport Center situated in the middle of Rantasalmi. There is info about reservations in the info wall, other times it is open for every body. Showers and dressing rooms are open  every day at 08:00 – 22:00




There are two long distance skating tracks on the lakes in winter time. Shorter track is in the center of Rantasalmi and other longer track start in Porosalmi. Tracks are taking care every day. Renting services are serving you by both tracks. All tracks have route fee which is 7 € / adult at 2012.


Longer track – Linnansaari track
Starting at Porosalmi, about 9km from Rantasalmi center. Track is 18km long (one way) and Oravi village is in the other end. Along the track is two resting place with fire place and dry toilet. Track is going thru National Park Linnansaari. This track is the longest track in hole Finland. There are restaurang, accommodation and rental services available in both ends.

Companies who are serving you near by this track:

Saimaa Holiday Oravi

Lomakylä Järvisydän

Shorter track – Raudanvesi track
This track is made in center of Rantasalmi. It is popular among local residents for outdoor activity. Track is 7km long (one way) and there are two resting point along the track. Both places have fire place, shelter and dry toilet. Renting services available near.


Companies who serving you near the track:

Finntrek-Rental Service, +358 50 545 0294

Hotel Rinssieversti, +358 15 440 761

Hotel Ruusuhovi, +358 20 728 9800

Hovi Holiday -holiday aprtments
vuokraus@hoviholiday.f, +358 50 339 6679

Linnansaari Nature Center Oskari, +358 20 564 5916


Curling is available in SuurSavo Ice Hall in center of Rantasalmi. Guided introduce for curling is 210€ / group. This include 2 hour of  ice time, guiding and small and not so seroius competition. Maximum group size is 20 persons, no minimum group size. You have to make the reservation in advance.


Guided snow shoe trips are available at these companies:

Saimaa Holiday Oravi,


Korhola Holiday


Horse back riding with Islandic Horses are available all year round  for beginners and advanced riders. All riding events are in the nature. Riding trips startinf for 1,5 hour trips to 2 days over night wanderings. Near by Lomakylä Järvisydän Holiday area where are accommodation and restaurang services available. Advanced  reservation is needed.


Trekking is easy if you have tropographic map about the area. Here are lots of unmarked paths, forest roads and local roads to follow. There are also several resting places which are free to use. You can find the rest palces marked in the local tourist MAP. This map is not usable for trekking in the area, it is only informatic map. Experienced trekkers can find their own way but it is worth of asking tips from the rental service palces.

Ohitustie 7, Rantasalmi

Saimaa Holiday
Porosalmentie 313, Rantasalmi


Ice fishing is very popular hobby in Finland and some companies offers guided ice fishing trips. You do not have to have own equipments, these safaries include everything you need. Advance reservation needed.

Linnansaari Palvelu
Jari Heiskanen +358 40 556 0119
Guide language english and germany

Saimaa Holiday


Country skiing is Finnish national activity and that is why we have skiing tracks every where!
In Rantasalmi is several lighted skiing tracks, about 1,2 – 7km long, and then we have longer tracks which are going thru wonderful forests and country side. See maps here.


Lighted ski tracks in Rantasalmi :

Rantasalmi center 7,0km
Parkumäki 1,7km
Osikonmäki 3,5km
Asikkala 1,2km
Tuusmäki 1,7km
Pirttiselkä 2,5km
Kerisalon 2,2km
Tiemassaarei 2,2km
Kolkontaipale 2,3km

Lighting is on every day at ski season from 17:00 – 21:00


In Rantasalmi center is one hill sledging place (see map). This is free and open for every body. Other place is in Porosalmi and it is open sesonally and there is small fee. Ask this slope and sledge hill open hours from Tourist info  or phone +358 50 431 0525.



There are 5 different rink for figure skating and hobby ice hockey. They are in school use at day time and free to use for every body in the evenings.

Koulukeskus rink
Osikonmäki rink
Parkumäki rink
Tuusmäki rink

Then there is a 400m long outdoor ice track for long distance and sport skating in center of Rantasalmi. Track is free to use and open evry day at winter time.

Figure skating is also available in SuurSavo Ice Hall. To see open skating hours klik the net link Klik right side for Jäävuorot and then look for text Yleisöluistelu in the schedule. Skating is free.


Guided snow mobile rides are available in Holiday Village Järvisydän


FinnTrek, Rantasalmi

Ohitustie 7, Rantasalmi
Ms Elina Enho, guide and local nature expert
Equipments for summer and winter use.

Saimaa Holiday
Porosalmentie 313, Rantasalmi
Full service safari house + 358 44 7689 858